Do You Really Need to Worry About Australia’s Deadliest Animals?

Australia is renowned for having a large proportion of the world’s deadliest animals, which is true, but are they as scary or dangerous as National Geographic makes them out to be? Do you really need to worry about Australia’s deadliest animals while you’re here on holidays? I mean, we Australians live with them everyday and yet the worldwide news doesn’t report multiple daily deaths! Why is that? Well, probably like you and where you’re from, these animals are part of our environment and we’ve learned to get along with them. Australia’s deadliest animals in context I must say though, after experiencing America, I don’t understand why everyone seems to be more scared of visiting Australia than they are the States! When I stayed in Yellowstone National Park, I was utterly terrified of bears disemboweling me, deer antler-ing me to death, mountain lions jumping out of trees, moose invading my teepee, bison squashing my teenage son and rabid raccoons hiding in the rubbish – there were warning signs for tourists everywhere! I remember one evening I realised I’d left my purse in the car outside our holiday cabin in Yellowstone … there was absolutely no way I was going to venture … Continue reading Do You Really Need to Worry About Australia’s Deadliest Animals?