Do More Be More


I’m sure everyone that travels has seen street dogs. In some countries, the communities care for them in general; in others, the lack of animal care is at its root, a lack of education.

These countries are the ones that need the most help and that help is almost always volunteers with enormous hearts.

In 2008, on one of my early trips to Bali, I was pretty overwhelmed by the sight of skinny, parasite infested, mangy, undernourished street dogs and unfortunately came across one poor animal dead and bloated on the footpath.

What I thought was me doing “my bit” with a fundraising exhibition, ended up being a dive deep into a culture in a way I never would have otherwise. I photographed, I got around like a local (on the back of a scooter), I ate and worked side by side with the Balinese and I journalled about all of it; all my changing perceptions and my new understanding.

Bali will forever be in my heart, as well as their beautiful and ancient breed of street dogs.